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    cook with pleasure and let your family join in it just makes life easier. For a woman on the go  sometimes the  microwave is the best way to keep everybody happy!

      Gujarati  undhiya:

100 papdi dana with outer skin, 50 gm small potato , 50 gm brinjal ,50 kand.

15 gm coriander leaves, 40 gm grated coconut 7 gm dhanajeera,1/3 tea spoon garam masala, ¼ teaspoon haldar ,1/3 tea spoon salt , mix well for feeling in brinjal,potato and kand, and keep ready to be mixed in papdi after 2 minutes of mw heating.

15 gm oil, 80 ml water mix and put to boil on gas ,adding 2gm teel, 2gm ajawain, ½ tea spoon salt, and then add papdi into this water and oil mixture.

Now keep this in glass bowl micro oven friendly , for 2 minutes .

Now add brinjal, potato , kand along with masala, and put in micro oven for 10 minutes.

Other side keep ready muthia, and add into undhia after 10 minutes, and again micro oven for 2 minutes.

Keep in micro oven for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

This is a quantity for one person.

You can increase accordingly for more person.


      Banana pepper wafers

 Ingredients 1 raw banana peeled, salt to taste , ½ teaspoon freshly  ground pepper

Method :

  1. Peel the banana and slice them using a wafer  slicer.

2. Place them on a microwave safe plate lined with a thick paper tissue.( I put two a4 size printing paper folded)

 3. Microwave them on HIGH for 1 minutes (turning them over once  after 1 minute.)

4. Sprinkle salt and pepper and microwave on HIGH for 1/2

      minute. You may add a mixture of chaat masala and red chilli powder to make masala banana waffers.



 Ripe mango pieces ,2 cups sugar, 1 cup sugarless mawa ,50 gms

      elaichi powder 1/4 tsp, sugar 2 tsps ,saffron a pinch.

 1. In a microwave  vessel, add sugar along with cut mango pieces and mash well. Place the  vessel in microwave high power for 10 to 13 minutes seeing the   consistency. In between you can mix them two or three times. Keep the   vessel open.

2.Then add mawa, elaichi powder, saffron and mix well. Do not

      disturb them for 2 to 3 minutes. Take it out, leave them out for some time  and put them into a container. Mango halwa is ready



      Take 60 gm refined flour, 1 egg ,1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup water 1/4 tsp salt, 1  tsp oil ,2 tbsp oil for cooking pancakes .

METHOD Mix flour, salt, egg, oil   and enough water to form a smooth paste. Add the rest of the liquid. The  batter should be a coating consistency (for thin crepes, thicker if you want thicker pancakes). Stir the batter, and in case you feel it has  thickened add a little water. In a greased microwavable plate, pour some  batter and cook at HI for 40-60 seconds. (You will have to adjust the time  by making it a few times. Remember over cooking will make it tough.)


      Recipe for vegetable  fried rice –

 soak 1 cup of basmati rice in two cups of  water for 30 min. chop carrot, beans & cabbage. put these vegetables. in the  soaked rice and add some peas. add 4 tbsp butter, 1/2 tsp sugar and salt  to taste. micro for 8 min. with lid.  while serving, garnish it with deep  fried onion and cashew nuts.

cook vegetables

       cook vegetables(like French beans, cauli flower etc)in microwave for 5mins &   then fry it in oil with salt ,chilly & turmeric for 2 to 3 minutes .your curry  is ready.

  quick lemon pickle

      For making quick lemon pickle, Cut lemons into 1/2" pcs. mix required  salt, chilly powder, methidana, kalaunji , saunf and sugar( For one kg  lemons 1 kg. sugar) , mix well and put in an bit oversize glass container  and cook daily for say 30 to 60 seconds, wait for an hour , then again for 30  to 60 seconds . Daily cook twice in the above manner. Within 10 days the delicious pickle is ready

Oilless Appalam

      Oilless Appalam - You can fry Appalams in Micro oven without oil. Spread about 5-6 no of appalams in a MW Plastic round plate. Set time for 50 sec to 60 sec as per Appalam quality. Delicious Appalam you will get.


      you can make idly in microwave . Take m/v safe bowl put little water in this  & then place idly stand in the bowl & cover bowl with the glad rap . within 5-8 minutes beautiful idles will be ready


      For cooking vegetables u can put them in a plastic or glass bowl covered  without any water and keep it for 3 minutes. It would be cooked and later you can fry with other ingredients in a Tawa.


   raisin chutney:

to make your sandwiches yummy. take a small bowl  of raisin add red chilies, salt and lemon juice grind it and apply on the  bread slices when making sandwiches .


      To make egg less cake in micro mode.

 Ingredients :

 1) Maida / refined flour - 1 cup (100gm)

 2) Cocoa powder / chocolate powder - 2 tsp

3) Baking powder  - 1 tsp

4) Powdered sugar - 1 cup

5) Milk / any aerated drink / fruit  juice - 1/4 cup

 6) Curd (hung) 1/2 cup

 7) Honey - 1 tsp

METHOD:  Melt butter  at high power for 1 min.

Add sugar and beat well. Mix curd and honey well  and add to the batter. Add milk. Sieve flour, baking powder and cocoa  powder together. Add the flour mixture gradually to the batter.

Micro at  high power for 7 min.

non vegetable dish

      while cooking any non vegetable dish like chicken or mutton add a small amount  of curd to it to get the reddish color in the dish. try it looks great .


      Prepare quick Sindhi Curry :

Take a few tomatoes. Slit each tomato into  four. place in a m/w proof bowl. Heat for 5 minutes.

 In the mean time, in a   kadai - put little oil, fry besan (1-2 tbsp), some boiled vegetables  (bhindi, cauliflower, potato, carrot, baby corn - anything of your choice).

      After 10mins, churn the tomatoes in a mixer/food processor with little  salt. Put this in the kadai, some sambhar masala, coriander powder, red  chilly powder & salt. Simmer for 10 minutes.

Ready to serve with jeera rice.

           tasty sandwich

     You can make tasty sandwich in seconds in MW.take a slice of bread and add  some grated cheese first. Above this add your choice of vegetables grated   and then sprinkle salt ,pepper and again add some grated cheese. now keep  in oven for 40 to 45 seconds till the cheese melts. After it is done remove  it and add some tomato sauce above it and cover with another slice of  bread. Now a tasty vegetable sandwich is ready. It will be yummy and Your  kids will love it.

bread crumbs

      Make bread crumbs by cutting six slices of bread into cubes, put them in a  casserole and microwave for 6 minutes, stirring once. Crush in a blender.

    easy palkova in mw:

in a mw bowl add 1 tin milkmaid, 4 sp milk powder, 2 sp  curd and 1 sp ghee, mix well and mw for 6 minutes .for every 2 min open the mw  and stir it .palkova is  ready.

 roast papads

      To roast papads or south indian vadams without oil, all you have do is put   it microwave and set it to 30 - 35 seconds.

To boil water or to make tea

      To boil water or to make tea / coffee, stir it well to provide it with  sufficient oxygen as microwave rays can otherwise cause it to burn

            you can make  tea (chai 1cup) in 3mins.Just add all ingredients and m/v it for3 minutes. Tea ready. Use just fat free milk instead of adding water to  milk(whole,1%,2% etc)because it will provide 100% calcium.

Rice in microwave

     While preparing rice in microwave, just mention 5 minutes in the beginning,  and after the beep sound comes, do not start immediately, instead wait for 5 minutes and then again for 4 minutes heat it and ,let it rest for 5 minutes and again 2 minutes heat it .

Rice is ready. during the resting time, the rice automatically cooks and the water from the container doesn’t fall in the  microwave cooking glass.


      To make a puranpoli,:

Boil Tuvar dal or Gram dal in cooker with adequate water so its consistacy is like rice or little more watery. Say dal is 120 gm then take sugar 60 gram mix it and put into a big deep pan , m/w for 4 minutes, in between stir once after 2 minutes.  This is sufficient for 3 to 4 puran polies.

don't fry

      don't fry any readymade nugget (like chicken, fish...).just use M/W for  healthy snacks.

     peeling of chilly

      If you want to peeling of chilly then you sure you should use microwave  only 2-3 min.

 Before boiling potatos

Before boiling potatos

      Before boiling potatos in microwave , pierce them in several places and  keep them in a container with some water. They will get uniformly cooked  without shrinking in size.

For quick boiled potatoes

  For quick boiled potatoes - place washed potatoes in a plastic grocery bag  and microwave for 3-4 minutes or few minutes more if needed

      Wrap a potato in a paper towel and bake it in the microwave for 4 minutes.

instead of boiling put one potato in a polythene bag and m/w it for 2.5   minutes.

In case of a potato, pierce it with a fork before cooking in   microwave.

semolina ,nuts, poha

      Microwave semolina ,nuts, poha for 2 minutes to get fresh taste and they  will not catch insects

frozen Paratha

Remember  while heating the frozen Paratha in Microwave oven, don’t allow to heat for 3 minutes, monitor the paratha and check for it has done, in between . Because overheat may cause the paratha to become black and sometimes due to overheat it will  stick on to the vessel and burn which gives fumes.

      Make your popcorn at home:

In a glass container put 1 tbsp of oil and  one and half tablespoon of popcorn seeds and cook them in the microwave for 2 minutes, once done add salt and pepper  as per taste


      while making egg in MW, you can prick the yolk with a fork to avoid bursting

Roasting/grilling Brinjals

       While roasting/grilling Brinjals for Baigan ka Bharta, make a slit and  stuff few pods of garlic in that and take them away tastes  nice.


    Rice:  2cup rice 4cups water put it in the mw bowl and cover it with cling  film. make 20mm dia holes (2holes on the film) and cook rice for 20min in mw.


          use your microwave to make paneer. Use a large microwavable bowl to boil milk and make instant paneer with less pots to clean..

soggy cookies and farsans

      make the soggy cookies and farsans crisp by putting in the microwave for  one and a half minutes.

cooking meat

      while cooking meat in a microwave, arrange the pieces on the edges or the  outer side of the plate, this will confirm proper cooking and tenderness.

heat milk taken from the fridge

      To heat milk taken from the fridge in a microwave, keep the milk in the  microwave for 50 seconds to make it warm.

always wrap rotis/bread/idlis

      always wrap rotis/bread/idlis in a clean cloth and heat in microwave, This  will retain the moisture in food & it will not turn hard & rigid. 20 sec. is enough to heat roti/breads.

salted nuts can be roasted

      salted nuts can be roasted well in the microwave by dipping nuts in salt  solution and microwaving them for 5 minutes

boil the vegetables

To save time, while you sauté the onions on gas, boil the vegetables .in micro this saves a time.

        for reheating      

 for reheating always stir the contents fully from the center to the sides,  because it may be heat in a part of the dish and may cause burns.

      baked cake

     inside the baked cake. If the toothpick comes out clean and the cake pulls away from the side of the pan, then your cake is ready.


      Piercing – certain food products must be pierced to allow steam to escape.   In case of an egg, pierce egg yoke twice and egg white several times with  a toothpick.



Part 2


    if your  oven give bad odor take some water in a bowl and add some lime into  the water and work the oven for 5 minutes

   never use the M/W unless you understand its functions well

Never switch on the micro wave empty. It may burst

Always use thick glass were to use in microware

Don’t ever try to boil an egg in it. I did it once and on taking it out,   it burst on my face. I found the reason: the yolk being more saturated in  fat heats earlier and pressure builds, as u take it out it cools rapidly   and expands, cracking the shell and bursting out.

Never cook or boil eggs in the oven their is a chance to burst.

Clean your microwave regularly as though it is used only with vessels still  some food particles tend to remain in the microwave which may spread  bacteria’s when you cook again.

To remove the bad odor from the microwave, Mix a spoonful of vinegar in a bowl of water and heat for less than a minute.

    Never keep a spoon in the dish while using the microwave.

Always cover the food while re heating it will preserve the nutritious values and give better taste


Always keep  microwave safe utensils in it and don't keep any  silver and aluminum or other kind metals in it.

   Metal containers or utensils or those with metallic trim should not be used in the microwave oven as there is a possibility of sparks being  generated.

Never use designer glassware to heat ,reheat or cook food it may crack .

Never microwave the dishes covered in Aluminum foil or any metallic  material it will generate sparks and may result in fire.

Never heat baby's milk in microwave as it may leave hot spots which is very dangerous for the babies.

Never allow your children to operate the microwave, if are not sure your  heating time always set to low, if not sufficient reheat again, instead if you set at high time the food will spoil.

Always handle it carefully and never put foiled Mithai inside the   microwave as foil is a metal, it may cause harm .

Never use microwave to heat water. Always use gas or electric stove.

  Kindly lock the microwave(options are given for locking microwave ) check  out in the manuals they give it clearly . This is especially when kids starts playing and pressing the numbers.

      Never operate empty microwave because it could cause sparks.

    Always clean the Microwave after use, if not it will leave marks and rust  will appear which would not go.

  Never use foil in the microwave to cover your food or else you will have  an explosion in the Microwave.

when steaming vegetables in the microwave make sure the water in the steamer  is boiling before adding the vegetables.



Part 3


  For re heating parathas in mw wrap the parathas in a papper napkin and  place it in the mw it prevents the parathas from turning black or sticking   to the plate

you can peel the skin of almond (badam)  easily . microwave the badam for one minute  you can easily remove the skin.

  To peel the skin of almonds - soak the almonds in a M/w proof bowl with water. Heat in M/w for 30 seconds. The skin of almonds now becomes simpler   to peel. (But wrinkles do appear on almonds)

      To peel the skin of the almonds and other nuts put them in some water and   microwave it for 3-4min.The peel comes of very easily

Garlic keep for 6 – 10 second , to peel easily.


if you want to know whether your pizza balked or not pierce a toothpick inside  the pizza & see the result.

inside the baked cake. If the toothpick comes out clean and the cake pulls away from the side of the pan, then your cake is ready.

use saran wrap every time you microwave something . you will save the   huge mess at the end of the week. plus when you make that a rule of always   covering the plate or container before heating you wont have a smell in  there either. you microwave will stay new forever. the saran wrap from the restaurant supply store is the best . it comes in a big box you can keep it  on you counter . it should last up to a year!!!!

you can dry your flowers in microwave for 30 seconds. like roses rajnigandha  and decorate it with the stem .

Dry fresh mint (pudina) leaves and MW for 3 minutes. A dried herb is ready

Microwave hair oil bottles during winters when the oil solidifies. say for  20-30 seconds. Also warm oil is good for a hair massage.

  just putting an wet towel inside and Micro Wave it for 1 minute and you get a towel with full of steam.. then wrap your face or body and feel warm.

Prick a hole in the Refrigerated Lemon and keep in Microwave for 10  seconds you can just add few drops as required and again refrigerate to  do the same when needed again.

Stirring the food in between its cooking time is very necessary. Depending   on the amount of food, keep stirring the food once, twice, frequently or  occasionally. Always bring the cooked outside edges towards the centre and  the less cooked centre portions towards the outer edge.     

      Spacing of food in the oven plays an important part in microwave cooking.  If the food is placed evenly then the food is cooked faster. If possible arrange the foods in a circular pattern.

Plastic wrap (cling film) can be used to cover the dishes kept in  the microwave.